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Private tour Istanbul – Night Istanbul
Our night private tour Istanbul will start from Kumkapi (in Turkish it means ‘sand gate’). It is a quarter famous for the fish restaurants and it is full with local people especially at weekends. As an attraction centre for locals, it also attracts tourists who like to see the real Turkey.
Firstly, we will start our night with an early fish dinner in Kumkapi for two reasons: first, it gets so crowded and second, we have more places to see.
Of course, as we are the company that makes tailor-made private tours, if you wish, we can arrange a night for you only in Kumkapi. You can see how interesting Turkish entertainment can be.
Secondly, we will stop at Beyoglu, “Pera”. Pera means ‘the other side’ in Greek. When Istanbul was Costantinople, non-Christians were living in Pera. When Costantinople became Istanbul, it became non-Muslims area. In Ottoman times, without speaking French, you couldn’t communicate in Pera. In short, it had always been an entertainment centre as it is now. We will wander down the Istiklal Street and visit a couple of bars and cafes. We are not mentioning the names of the places because we always pop in different places.
The final stop of our private tour Istanbul will be Reina, the most sophisticated night club of Turkey. It is settled on the Bosphorus. While you are enjoying the music and the drinks, you can also  enjoy the magnificent view of Bosphorus and Asia. As it is such a popular night club you can never know how many famous Turkish people you can see there.