Modern Istanbul City

Modern Istanbul City

customized-istanbul-tours-modern-istanbul-istanbul-modernCustomized Istanbul Tours will start with a visit to Istanbul Modern Art Gallery where you can see really interesting art pieces. Then we will wander down the Istiklal Street and spice our day up with Turkish coffee.

In Turkish we use the word “kahvaltı” for breakfast. It is a made up word – made out of kahve, “coffee” and “alti” – underneath. It means the food you have should be before you have your coffee. We won’t simply have coffee. It will be accompanied with fortune telling. You cannot imagine how many things can be seen in that little cup.

Customized Istanbul tours – Istiklal Street

We will wander down the Istiklal Street which is the busiest street of Istanbul. While there, we will visit the St. Antuan (Catholic) Church.

customized-istanbul-tours-modern-istanbul-tunelOne of our stops will be the fish market. In olden days they used to hold fish auctions where fishermen would bring their fish and try to sell it for the best price. In those days you could easily understand who was interested in which fish because if they wanted to buy that fish, they would never look at it straight 🙂 Auctions are held no longer but still you can do some bargaining and you can easily ask a restaurant to cook the fish for you. Of course you have to pay money for it.

customized-istanbul-tours-modern-istanbul-istiklalIt is about the time for lunch. We will have our lunch in a local restaurant.

After we try some delicious Turkish food, for dessert we will go to Moda where they serve the best ice-cream in the world. You need knife and fork to eat it.

Being the busiest street of Istanbul, Istiklal Street also has lots of shopping options.

We will finish customized Istanbul tours by visiting a modern shopping centre. If you like to carry on until night on Istiklal Street, you are more than welcome. If not, we will take you back to your hotel.

Sample Pricing:

Private Tour Prices – per person
2-3 adult 4-5 adults 6-7 adults 8-9 adults
$269 $183 $150 $136

What’s included?

– Transportation, Parking & Tolls
– Entrance Fees
– Guide Fee (English  Speaking Guide)

What’s NOT included?

– Expenses of personal nature
– Tips for the tour guide/driver
– Anything unless specified being included

These are the example itineraries. We are specialists on doing tailor-made tours like customized guided Turkey tours. So, please contact us and we will make the dream tour in Turkey for you.

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