Turkish Riviera

Turkish Riviera

Customized round Turkey tours – Day1
customized-round-turkey-tours-turkish-riviera-ephesusIstanbul – Izmir – Ephesus   (Lunch,Dinner)

Our Customized round Turkey tours start flying from Istanbul to Izmir. Pick up from the airport to visit the house of Virgin Mary – the shrine which is believed to have been the stone house, where the mother of Jesus lived until her Assumption. Then, we proceed to Ephesus – an ancient Greek city, later the third largest city of Roman Asia Minor, one of the seven churches of Asia, also the site of a large gladiators’ graveyard. Drop off to hotel. Overnight in Selcuk.

Customized round Turkey tours – Day2
customized-round-turkey-tours-turkish-riviera-sirinceArtemis – Sirince   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

Pick up from your hotel to visit St. John’s Basilica. Constructed so large and beautiful by Justinian in the 6th century, the basilica stands over the believed burial site of John the Apostle. It’s about 3,5 km (2,2 miles) from Ephesus. A stop at the Temple of Artemis – once one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, before we enjoy the prettiness of this small village of Sirince, located on the top of a mountain, with its cobbled narrow streets, the characteristic houses. Overnight in Selcuk.

Customized round Turkey tours – Day3customized-round-turkey-tours-turkish-riviera-ensar
Priene – Miletus – Didima   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

Pick up at your hotel. Drive to Priene – the first planned city, Miletus – the birthplace of Thales, the first philosopher to use natural explanations for natural phenomena, and Didyma – a prophecy centre and associated by some as the meeting place of Zeus and Leto to have their twins Apollo and Artemis. Overnight in Bodrum.

Customized round Turkey tours – Day4customized-round-turkey-tours-turkish-riviera-bodrum
Underwater Archaeological Museum – Mausoleum   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

Pick up from your hotel to visit the Underwater Archaeological Museum. Known as the only underwater museum in Europe, it will deffinitely attract your attention with the various shipwrecks having been reassembled for display, the Bronze age Shipwrecks, the Carian Princess exhibit… A love story will take us to a short visit to the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus or Tomb of Mausolus, after which an afternoon at leisure. Overnight in Bodrum.

Customized round Turkey tours – Day 5
customized-round-turkey-tours-turkish-riviera-begoniaMarmaris – Cleopatra’s Bay   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

We leave Bodrum in the morning and head for Marmaris. There we get on a gulet (a traditional Turkish design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel). We will cruise through the unspoiled gulf of Fethiye and visit Cleopatra’s Bay. Overnight.

Customized round Turkey tours – Day 6
Oludeniz – Gemiler Island   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

Leave in the morning after breakfast for Oludeniz. A short break there for bathing in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea before we sail to Gemiler Island (on the island are the remains of several churches built between the fourth and sixth centuries AD, along with a variety of associated buildings).

Customized round Turkey tours – Day 7customized-round-turkey-tours-turkish-riviera-patara
Kalkan   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

We continue cruising from Oludeniz to Kalkan. Kalkan is a small, peaceful and sophisticated Mediterranean resort and fishing town on the beautiful Turquoise coast of Turkey. Optional tours can be organized to Patara (the birthplace of St. Nicholas), Letoon (belongs to UNESCO World Heritage List) and Xanthos (the first capital city of Lycia).

Customized round Turkey tours – Day 8
Kas   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

Our cruise proceeds to the pleasant town of Kas, on its narrow streets scented with jasmine flowers. A visit to the Rock Lycian Tombs and the Hellenistic Theatre.

Customized round Turkey tours – Day 9customized-round-turkey-tours-turkish-riviera-gulet
Kekova – Ucagiz   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

We leave Kas to sail to another heaven-on-earth place in Turkey on the Mediterranean Coast, Kekova. Kekova is a peaceful place of history, gorgeous turquoise water, island, unspoilt nature… Explore the Sunken City. Overnight in Ucagiz.

Customized round Turkey tours – Day 10
Finike   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

We continue sailing to Finike – the ancient Phoenicus, best known for its oranges, the symbol of the town. Overnight.

Customized round Turkey tours – Day 11
Porto Genovese   (Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner)

A sail to the deserted bay of Porto Genovese which is magnificent to bathe in its crystal clear waters. Overnight.

Customized round Turkey tours – Day 12
Kemer – Antalya – Istanbul   (Breakfast, Lunch)

On our last day we will sail to Kemer. On the way we can visit Phaselis – the summer capital of Alexander the Great. Transfer to Antalya airport. A fly to Istanbul.

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