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City tours Istanbul – food as we know it

Feeling ready to try the best food on both sides of Istanbul? And then whole Turkey? Or Turkey before Istanbul? Whatever you recognise as your first option, you will be pleased. Turkey is the symbol of not only history but delicious food as well. You shouldn’t miss out on one day at least, dedicated to enjoying lovely dishes. Istanbul has always been appealing to people from all over Turkey with its opportunities for work. Slowly and surely, this huge city became the soul of the country. As such a cultural capital and because of all the migrants, Istanbul developed its own unique cuisine – a complexity of dishes from the different regions of Turkey.

Take the Eastern Black Sea region, for example with its corn flour based dishes. It’s due to the heavy rainfall which hinders the growth of wheat in that area. The Aegean region where olives found the best conditions to grow. The region is famous for its olive production and olive oil vegetable dishes. Then, the abundant livestock in the Southeastern Anatolian region is the reason for the meat rich dishes and kebabs, while Thrace is proud with its pastries.

Guided tours Turkey – different influences and tastes

Now imagine all the people going to Istanbul from all around Turkey, in search of work. Each one of them brings their own knowledge for food and dishes. Each one of them takes their culture of eating to Istanbul. So, here we have a city colourful with the different people and their cuisines. There is Turkey as well which has one of world’s top cuisines, rich and savoury. A cuisine that has countless different influences and tastes. The rich history these lands have influenced the cuisıne. Lands that hosted first the Byzantine and then the Ottoman Empires.

Private tour Istanbul usually introduces Culinary Istanbul tour to its tourists. As I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy looking at, eating and cooking food, I think you are no different.

City tours Istanbul – nourishing and tasty

Note that our city tours Istanbul starts with a nourishing breakfast at ‘Pando Kaymak’ also known as ‘Bulgarian’s Place’. It is located at Besiktas market. So, Kaymakci Pando, as the name suggests, makes and serves the best kaymak. This is clotted snow-white cream made by skimming buffalo milk that have been simmered for a couple of hours. As for that family-run restaurant, it makes you witness the rituals in the kitchen. You can enjoy the hosts who like to feed their guests with the tastiest food.

Then, with our ‘batteries’ charged, we continue to the Barbaros Tomb. The famous Ottoman architect Sinan built the tomb between the years 1541 and 1542 in Besiktas. Also, there is a monument erected at the side of the tomb. In 1944, people used 6900 kg of bronze material to make it. It resembles the bow of the ship at 11,5 m in height.

Food and history, city tours Istanbul

Next stop in city tours Istanbul, will be the National Maritime Museum – the first naval museum of Turkey. Its collection consists of approximately 20,000 objects.

After the museum, we will get on the ferry from Besiktas to Uskudar. In short time we will step on another continent – Asia.

For Istanbul is a city of endless beauty and takes your energy away, just like your breath, our delicious breakfast will be long gone. Therefore, one of the oldest restaurants in Istanbul serving traditional Turkish / Ottoman cuisine, ‘Kanaat’ diners will host us for a lovely lunch.

When lunch is over, we will go back on the ferry from Uskudar to Haskoy where we will visit the Koc Museum. The museum was opened in 1994 and dedicated to the history of transport, industry and communications.

At 5 pm a suitable, lovely end of our city tours Istanbul will be the dinner at Sadrazam Mahmut Restaurant. Because this is a different meat restaurant that offers delicious specialties like Uykuluk (sweetbread), Grand Vizier Rice, grilled meat… Also, the place is interesting with its history. In the past it used to be a stable which turned into an eating house over the years… The rest you can read in the menu right before you choose your tasty dinner.

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City tours Istanbul
culinary-istanbul-city-tours-istanbul City tours Istanbul - food as we know itFeeling ready to try the best food on both sides of Istanbul? And then whole Turkey? Or Turkey before Istanbul? Whatever you recognise as your first option, you will be pleased. Turkey is the symbol of...


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