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A nice break from the rush of Istanbul, private tours Istanbul
Private tours Istanbul and the famously beautiful stretch of water, the Bosphorus.
Regardless of the fact that Bosphorus can be dangerous, it is widely liked and adored. For the locals, the Bosphorus means a great view. One that stays the same – continuous traffic, a cruise ship or a battle ship, ferryboats, fishing boats.
Also, for tourists on private tours Istanbul, Bosphorus is an attraction on both sides. Beautiful houses, palaces, mosques attract the eyes of the ones who are eager to explore the beauty of Istanbul, the Bosphorus.

We start our private tours Istanbul from Eminonu at around 10 am. We leave the European side and head to the north. Firstly, we see the Dolmabahce Palace which is a late Ottoman palace built in the middle of the 19th century. Next will be Ortakoy, Bebek and Yenikoy. These are all neighbourhoods in Istanbul, each one of them with their story.

Our peaceful journey on the Bosphorus takes us past Rumeli Fortress, which was built just before the great attack for Constantinopolis. It was built in less than 5 months and looked from above it depicts the name of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in Arabic.
At Anadolu Fortress we will have a break for lunch. Later, on the way back to the Asian side we will see the Kuleli Army High School, Beylerbeyi Palace and the Maiden Tower. Make sure you remember the beautiful story of the Maiden Tower.

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