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  • Tours Turkey

    Tours Turkey

    Day 1 – Istanbul After breakfast, we will spend the whole day experiencing and enjoying historic Istanbul. Hagia Sophia, the place where religions meet, the symbol of tolerance and harmony, is surely in our list. Next is its neighbour, the Blue Mosque, famous for its blue Iznik tiles and for being one of the architectural […]

  • Round Turkey Tours

    Round Turkey Tours

    Day 1 Istanbul Istanbul is well-known around the world. Many people visited, visit and will visit it. One or two days is very short time to explore and enjoy that city. Therefore, the first three days of your tour we will spend in Istanbul. We will spend the morning visiting the Hippodrome Square. This used […]

  • Eastern Round Tours Turkey

    Eastern Round Tours Turkey

    Round turkey tours We would like to introduce our 14-day Eastern round tour to you. It is not a very common tour which makes it a non-commercial one. However, we guarantee the great time and experience. History, mosaic of cultures and religions, well-dressed in mosques, Orthodox churches, Catholic churches, Asyrian churches, synagogues of Jews are […]

  • Hagia Sophia

    Hagia Sophia

    Private Istanbul tour, Hagia Sophia – a symbol of tolerance and harmony Private Istanbul tour can help get an answer of if it is a Church? A Mosque? A Museum? One thing is sure, though – it’s a place where religions meet. You can see Islamic art and Christian architecture blend blissfully. Hagia Sophia stands […]

  • Zerrin Sapmaz

    Zerrin Sapmaz

    Private Turkey tour guide – Zerrin As private Turkey tour guide, I’m one of those lucky people! I get to live my passion each day when I introduced you my beloved country. Exploring a country where you haven’t before can seem overwhelming, but I make it effortless. My name is Zerrin Sapmaz. I am a […]

  • Ensar Islamoglu

    Ensar Islamoglu

    Private Tour Guide Turkey Ensar Islamoglu tells about himself I was born in Turkey and live in Turkey, Istanbul. I have been a private tour guide Turkey for 23 years. Although I am a licensed guide for whole Turkey, I am especially an expert of Istanbul and Ephesus tours. One thing that you can be […]

  • Tolkin Ramazanova

    Tolkin Ramazanova

    Turkey tour guide Tolkin Ramazanova tells about herself Hello all, I am one of the turkey tour guide, Tolkin, I am from Kazakhstan. I came to Turkey in 1992 to finish my higher education at the Aegean University in Izmir. Immediately I have fallen in love Turkey that I decided to make the next step. […]

  • Where does name Turkey come from?

    Where does name Turkey come from?

    Guided Turkey tours inform about the name of Turkey One thing is so clear: Turkey is not mentioned with the name of a poultry. The name of Turkey is not an invention of the bird. Come and have guided Turkey tours with us. On the contrary, the name of the bird comes from the name […]

  • Do we need guide for Turkey?

    Do we need guide for Turkey?

    Private Guide Turkey all you need Do we need I guide for Turkey? Yes, you do. Preferably, private guide Turkey. Turkey is not only big in size (36th in the world) but it is also so rich in history. There are more than 30.000 ruins, only 1000 of which visible. 700 of them are open […]

  • Is Turkish cuisine worth trying?

    Is Turkish cuisine worth trying?

    Private guides Turkey – Turkish Food Culture Private guides Turkey – According to many culinary experts, Turkish food is considered to be among the top three greatest cuisines in the world along with French and Chinese. Some may agree with the French and Chinese but find the Turkish one debatable. When looking back at Turkish […]