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City tours Istanbul – food as we know it
City tours Istanbul like to take you on a Culinary Istanbul tour. As I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy food and eating food, I think you are not different.
Especially when in Turkey, the country – symbol of not only history but delicious food, as well, you shouldn’t miss out on one day at least, dedicated to enjoying lovely dishes.
Note that our ‘city tours Istanbul starts at 08:30 with a nourishing breakfast at ‘Pando Kaymak’ also known as ‘Bulgarian’s Place’. It is located at Besiktas market. So, Kaymakci Pando, as the name suggests, makes and serves the best kaymak. This is clotted snow-white cream made by skimming buffalo milk that have been simmered for a couple of hours. As for that family-run restaurant, it makes you witness the rituals in the kitchen. You can enjoy the hosts who like to feed their guests with the tastiest food.
Then, with our ‘batteries’ charged, we continue to the Barbaros Tomb. Situated in Besiktas, the tomb was built by the famous Ottoman architect Sinan between the years 1541 and 1542. Also, there is a monument erected at the side of the tomb. For the making of it, in 1944, 6900 kg of bronze material were used. It resembles the bow of the ship at 11,5 m in height.

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Next stop in city tours Istanbul, will be the National Maritime Museum – the first naval museum of Turkey. Its collection consists of approximately 20,000 objects.
After the museum we will get on the ferry from Besiktas to Uskudar. In short time we will step on another continent – Asia.
For Istanbul is a city of endless beauty and takes your energy away, just like your breath, our delicious breakfast will be long gone. Therefore, one of the oldest  restaurants in Istanbul serving traditional Turkish / Ottoman cuisine, ‘Kanaat’ diners will host us for a lovely lunch.

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