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Guided Turkey tours inform about the name of Turkey
One thing is so clear: Turkey is not mentioned with the name of a poultry. The name of Turkey is not an invention of the bird. Come and have guided Turkey tours with us. On the contrary, the name of the bird comes from the name of our country. In other words, the name of the country we live in today’s way of getting it is far ahead of the word “turkey” in English.

Italian merchant meets Turks
The migration of various Turkish tribes to Anatolia from the 11th century changed the demographic and linguistic composition of Asia Minor. Accordingly, the Italian (Venetian and Genoa) merchant who had the most intense shopping with Anatolia started to mention “Turchia” in this area since the 13th century. This use has become increasingly common.
It has passed from other Italian languages ​​to other European languages. That’s how it got in English. So (with the capital letter T) “Turkey” is not the name of a bird in English, but “the land where the Turks live”. In other words, “Turkey” is nothing but English in “Turkey”.British and Americans say “Turkey”. French “Turquie”, Italians; “Turchia”.
Over time, the Ottoman Empire grew and expanded, covering a very wide area. More precisely, it has settled into a very large area between Europe and the Far East (China, India, etc.).So much so that in the eyes of some Europeans, the Sark (the East, the Asian) has become completely identical.

Coming from Turkey
Moreover, Europe has begun to acquire many products of the lands of the eastern part of the Ottoman Empire, material culture things always through the Ottomans. This led to many such things being looked at as “coming from Turkey”.That’s what happened to the bird we called “turkey”. – Only here, a special diagnosis and terminology is wrong. The turkey is indeed the only native bird of the America continent. The British were encountered with this bird, after Columbus, during the colonization of America.
Guided Turkey tours – They made a diagnostic mistake: they look the same as “Guinea chicken”. “Guinea chicken” spread over Europe through the Ottoman Empire and was therefore called “turkey cock”. Therefore, the British have started to mention “turkey cock”, “turkey bird” or “turkey” in the birds they see in North America. Thus, in a winding road, the name of the bird was “turkey” in relation to “Turkey” meaning “Turkey”.