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Private Guide Turkey all you need
Do we need I guide for Turkey? Yes, you do. Preferably, private guide Turkey.
Turkey is not only big in size (36th in the world) but it is also so rich in history. There are more than 30.000 ruins, only 1000 of which visible. 700 of them are open for tourists to come and see. The rest are somewhere there waiting to be discovered.
Yes, we all know that sometimes we really like to explore new places by ourselves. Everybody, who likes travelling, has been through that. How many of us, though, can admit if their experience was really complete!? Let me be more precise. When saying a complete experience, I mean one that made you learn and see as many things as possible. And one that made you feel like a local…

Go for professional private guide Turkey
In short, the guide can be the person to give you such an experience. Find a professional, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and with good sense of humour guide. Guides study a lot not only about the history of Turkey, but also world history. They know many facts, numbers, legends, interesting stories, gossips… They can answer if not any of your questions, then most of it.  You are surely to learn new facts, legends.