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Sightseeing Turkey – Vita Park Golf Club
Turkey is a country that can offer a memorable holiday. Sightseeing Turkey is history, seaside holidays, sporting fun.
Whether you are someone that likes to do sport for fun or you like to be a professional, there are numerous sports in Turkey that you can choose from. You can for team sports or more individual ones.
What we like to introduce to you is golf in the lovely seaside resort of Bodrum.
There is the Vita Park Golf Resort that opened the first, Milas course, of two on July 11th 2008. It’s an 18-hole course.  It’s a par 71-hole on 5,850 meters located next to a protected salt lake, Lake Tuzla. Like mentioned earlier, it’s the first course of two palnned for the resort in that region.
Why to choose Vita Park Golf Resort? Firstly, it offers all the charm and challenge of a traditional course. Secondly, it has the features that remind of the best Scottish links courses. The resort reveals people’s respect and passion for the game. It shows a great commitment to excellence. Also, the desire a place with the best possible conditions for an excellent game, to  be built.
Vita Park Golf Resort uses Paspalum grass, a species that requires irrigation only every two to three days, for three to five minutes. This represents about one-third the requirement of Bermuda grass and one-sixth the requirement of typical lawn grass and once it is established, Paspalum grass will even tolerate seawater.
Vita Park Golf Resort’s second 18-hole course, the 6480-metre Halikarnas par-70, is due to open in 2011. With topography reminiscent of some of Arizona’s dramatic courses, the Halikarnas par-70 will include a private driving range and with native landscaping with waterfalls and creeks.