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Turkey sightseeing – how many people live in Turkey
Turkey sightseeing reveal the best and most important places to be seen in Turkey. It also talks about the people that live in Turkey.
The population of Turkey mainly comprises of Turkish people. They make 75% of the total population. It also has Kurdish population that makes up 18%. Of course, there are other ethnic groups that take up the remaining 17% of the total population.
The current population of Turkey is a little over 80 000 000 people. Back in 1960, it was 28 160 000. Since then it’s been increasing gradually.
When talking about the population of a country, it’s important to mention the life expectancy as well. It has also grown from the average 48.27 years in 1960 to 73.94 years in 2011. After that life expectancy

Turkey population 2017
During 2017 Turkey population is projected to increased by 1,359,783 people and reach 82,106,972 in the beginning of 2018. The natural increase is expected to be positive, as the number of births will exceed the number of deaths by 931,823. If external migration will remain on the previous year level, the population will be increased by 427,960 due to the migration reasons. Turkey sightseeing – it means that the number of people who move into Turkey (to which they are not native) in order to settle there as permanent residents (immigrants) will prevail over the number of people who leave the country to settle permanently in another country (emigrants).

Population change rates in 2017
According to our estimations, daily change rates of Turkey population in 2017 will be the following:
• 3,821 live births average per day (159.19 in an hour)
• 1,268 deaths average per day (52.82 in an hour)
• 1,172 immigrants average per day (48.85 in an hour)
The population of Turkey will be increased by 3,725 persons daily in 2017.

Demographics of Turkey 2016
Turkey sightseeing – As of 1 January 2017, the population of Turkey was estimated to be 80,747,189 people. This is an increase of 1.68 % (1,337,263 people) compared to population of 79,409,926 the year before. In 2016 the natural increase was positive, as the number of births exceeded the number of deaths by 916,391. Due to external migration, the population increased by 420,873. The sex ratio of the total population was 0.995 (995 males per 1 000 females) which is lower than global sex ratio. The global sex ratio in the world was approximately 1 016 males to 1 000 females as of 2016.

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