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Walking Tours Istanbul – Phaeton day on Princes’ Islands
Walking Tours Istanbul – In the morning we will leave Kabatas with the boat. Our journey will last about 2 hours during which time we will enjoy the great view of Istanbul. The continent of Europe greets you from your right while Asia waves at you from your left. Make sure you get some simit (it is a circular bread with sesame seeds) so you can feed the seagulls while on the boat.

Walking Tours Istanbul – Phaeton
Depending on how hungry they are, they can even try to get it from your hand. As soon as we arrive to the island, depending on our number we will get a Phaeton and we will make our tour around the Island. On the other side of the island we will have a long break that we can walk up to the hill to visit St.Yorgi Church. Please make sure that you wear comfortable shoes.
Walking Tours Istanbul – after the visit we will go back to the centre with the Phaeton. Before we leave the island, we will have our lunch and free time. Again on the way back we will travel with the great scenery of Istanbul.

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